Paramount Investigations, Inc., is a licensed and bonded professional private detective agency with a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy.  We are a Massachusetts based company and licensed with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of State Police since 1994 (Lic# LP0867B).  We serve the Greater New England area. 

Paramount Investigations was founded in 1994 by John Palma. A 1988 graduate of Bentley University with a B.S. in Business and understudy in Accounting and Computer Information Systems (CIS).  Mr. Palma worked in the private security field while in college and then in research and forensics for a major bank upon graduation from college.  In 1991 Mr. Palma began working as a private investigator for a large private detective agency out of Boston.  

With a wealth of professional and academic experience, Mr. Palma envisioned a goal of creating a company that would set a new standard in the Art of Surveillance in the private detective field while maintaining a high standard of ethics, integrity, compassion and results for its clients.  Mr. Palma founded Paramount Investigations, Inc., in 1994 and since then the company has cemented a reputation as “Paramount in the Art of Surveillance”.

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Specializing In Surveillance

About Paramount Investigations, Inc...

Paramount Investigations is a private detective agency that specializes in surveillance for insurance companies, law firms, corporations, small businesses and professionals.  We provide a unique service for our clients to combat fraud, theft and dishonesty in the most professional and discreet manner.

Since 1994 we have saved our clients in the millions of dollars in potential losses and have established an impeccable reputation in the private detective field for our Specialization in Surveillance.